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Spartanburg Chiropractors Treat Home, Work, Sports, Chronic, Auto Accident and Personal Injuries

Our Spartanburg chiropractors are experienced in treating home, work, sports, auto and personal injury patients. They also work to improve the function and reduce the pain of chronic pain patients who suffer due to arthritis, arthritis-related conditions or older injuries. We offer health, hope and happiness by going "the extra mile" for our patients. Ivey-O'Sullivan Health Care Services PA is located in central Spartanburg, poised to serve the needs of both Spartanburg and surrounding area patients with gentle and non-invasive modalities of health treatments. We care for patients who have  injuries such as subluxations, sprains/strains, muscle pulls, herniated disc, migraines, and whiplash on a regular basis. Our practice philosophy can be expressed as follows: IN. BETTER. OUT.  We know that you don't have time to hurt and it's our goal to find and correct the cause of your pain and dysfunction as quickly, affordably, and gently as possible.

When you visit our offices you will meet with chiropractors Dr. Gabriel D. O'Sullivan or Dr. Stacy Gantt, both chiropractors who are firmly committed to your health and wellness. The ultimate goal of our team here at Ivey-O'Sullivan Health Care Services PA is to help each of our patients to meet their personal health care goals. We want our patients to achieve the ultimate state of wellness possible, and patients find this evident in our compassionate care.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain, Sciatica, Migraines and Neck Pain

The course of your chiropractic treatment will depend upon your individual condition. We treat patients who are suffering from back pain, sciatica, migraines, neck pain, whiplash, herniated disc, and many other ailments. Each condition is treated with both "hand only" techniques and highly specialized tools, such as those used for trigger point therapy and Cox Flexion Distraction adjustment. Whether your case requires only the mildest of chiropractic adjustments or trigger point therapy, or if you are suffering from more severe pain that may require lumbar traction, we are here to deliver the pain relief and care that you need.

We have treated countless Spartanburg area patients who have suffered from personal injuries, auto accident injuries, back pain, neck pain, and other pain conditions, with great success. Many pain conditions, such as back pain, sciatica, and neck pain that come following an auto accident or personal injury, can be relieved with sessions of chiropractic care, Even chronic pain conditions like headaches, migraines, and long-term sciatica can often be helped with the attention of our chiropractors, Dr Gabriel O'Sullivan and Dr Stacy McCain.

Chiropractic Care: Only The Best For Our Patients

We are very devoted to staying up to date with the most recent advances in the world of chiropractic care. This is something we at Ivey-O'Sullivan Health Care Services PA consider absolutely vital because it allows us to give our patients the best care available today.

Whether it is the most up-to-date methods of treatment for back pain, neck pain, sciatica, migraines, headaches, and other pain problems, we are always striving to make your healing experience here as effective and empowering as possible.

Our Spartanburg team here at Ivey-O'Sullivan Health Care Services PA is ready to help with gentle hand-only chiropractic care or expertly targeted traction techniques, regardless of your injury type. We are pleased you have chosen us as your partner in wellness!
 Call us at 864-583-3967 today to schedule an appointment.

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